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I Love What I Do

Love what you’ve done!

These words usually accompany a new hairdo

or living room design.

But this was the response from a father,

freshly grieving the loss of his only son,

viewing what I created from the candid image he sent me.

This response really meant a lot to me on an emotional level,

knowing what this picture meant to him.

I love what I do

in creating something personal and special

for those who value portraits,

and for those who are bereaved.

Transforming an older or personal image

from casual, candid snapshots helps parents and children

with their private feelings and ongoing journey

of grieving their loved ones,

remembering and honoring their memories

in contemplative art.

If this idea ‘sparks’ a feeling for the need

to see a treasured older or personal photo

transformed into a better-looking personal portrait,

I would love to help make it a reality.

Send me an email at or complete the Contact Form 

for artwork, made specifically for this purpose.

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