My artform is photographing life, fully lived.


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Tend Your Chicks

Chickens come home to roost, and so do your thoughts. Be careful what sort of thoughts you send out. The thoughts you send out to others will have a far greater impact upon you than upon them. Unlike a material possession, when you release a thought or give it to someone else, it also stays…


My specific portfolio page can be found at https://perryportraitart.pixieset.com/. This page has images of business and pleasure, such as my love of Chicago’s real dancing called SummerDancers. Let’s meet through the Contact page to help answer some questions to help make beautiful moments – and photographs. We’ll talk within 48 hours. Lovely!


It started innocently enough: Someone has liked your post! When I clicked the link, the address was missing one letter: Proofreader Me, thinking it was a mistake, typed what I thought was the corrected address. My laptop exploded with flashing blue screens telling me that it was locked now, and only their ‘expert’ could help…