Eye Contact

Some kids will be in need of others adult help to manage their lives

all their lives. Some will need to have coaches, practicing, extra encouragement to try something in unfamiliar situations, using social skills that others take for granted.

Love makes everything grow!

And in my life, it was 100% worth it. Seeing my guy Artist with his graduating class is abundance in presence, representing years of adapting to continual change and independence in my life and his with optimism, patience, and gratitude.

I speak for all good things for the tremendous special ed teachers like Ms PW at crucial times in his education! The value that caring teachers, therapists, and assistants bring to parents is incalculable when they cheer little successes as steps towards independence.

Every day he goes to work as an IT assistant with a financial firm, I say Thank You that our efforts helped create a young man who can hold down a steady job in this type of position.

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