My name is Dorothy, and I feel blessed to be able to see genuine smiles and moments at the right time through my camera.

I’m a Chicago-based photographer of real, good-energy people and life for those who want to remember and enjoy it, too.

The side of 2600 West North Avenue displays my work in the window, with fabulous gold lettering by Sean Michael Felix of Illumination Art and Design.

These natural images of normal and special events help make energy for inspiring ideas and conversations in the family.

I also celebrate the handiwork of small businesspeople – local venues and artisan vendors – that help make a good time memorable.

Complete the Contact Form to discuss creating personal images to enjoy for years to come. It would be my pleasure!

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‘Before’ shows an expression never seen.


This jaunty derby was an essential part of this young man’s daily wear for school for a time. We artistic types recognize what courage it takes and what it costs to be so different in this world. This tiny picture fragment from long ago becomes a testament to childhood’s enduring, beautiful spirit.

This is Why

To witness the moment in photographs. To record the beautiful grace of infancy. To remember the elders, travelling to see their new young one. To document time, place, and reality for the future. To make good energy visible for the home. To celebrate the two, becoming three. To honor the spirit of family. This is… Continue reading This is Why